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      David Sibley

      For WTC plus ACA members: good news and bad news!
      First, the bad news: You only get this opportunity once per year. Or maybe twice.
      Now the good news: Now is the time! Although the ACA has your Annual waiver from your last renewal, we need it locally to avoid heartache and pain.
      Save yourself the misery and tedium of looking for your ACA card, and/or filling out those pesky waivers endlessly throughout the year. Or even worse, having to pay an event fee (Now $10.00!) if you’re not up to date.
      There’s a lot of money and happiness in this for you!
      Just go to Have your ACA number ready (for the last time!). Fill out the “new (1/2020) online annual waiver”. You’ll receive an email confirmation request, and a final email with a link to your certificate. Save it and email it to me please.
      You’ll be so happy, with just a trace of sadness that you will have to wait another whole year to repeat the process!

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