Welcome to Our Paddling Activities!

We paddle lakes, creeks, bays, and rivers year-round in the tri-state area and beyond.  Paddlers of all interests and skill levels can find trips that they can enjoy in the Touring or Whitewater pages.  Visit the publicly viewable paddling schedules in our calendar section to get detailed information on our many trips that are held each month.

Consider participating in our annual Touring or Whitewater training programs that the club runs in the summer.  The courses are conducted by American Canoe Association certified instructors!  Visit WTC Kayak Training for information about this excellent opportunity.  You can get questions answered at wtcpaddling@gmail.com.

If you are already a paddler and are looking for a group to paddle with, please visit our FAQ’s.  For more information about joining us, please click on our headings below for more info and Join Us!

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