Risks are involved in all hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, kayaking and cycling activities.    When participating in Wilmington Trail Club (WTC) events, you accept all risks, and release the WTC from any liability.  By signing up for WTC events, you indicate that you have the experience and the ability to complete the activities safely. Prior to participating, you need to determine the difficulty of the event, possible hazards, and probable weather/water conditions. If you find conditions more difficult than you are prepared for, arrange with the trip leader to end your participation.


WTC leaders are volunteers – not paid professionals. Leaders agree to lead activities for the benefit of all. You must follow the trip leader’s instructions and observe the above safety precautions in order to be considered a participant. If any participant is asked by the leader to leave an event for any violation of these rules or the leader’s instructions, or chooses to leave, the leader will help with appropriate transportation arrangements consistent with the resources and welfare of the group. If you continue with the group after being asked to leave, you do so entirely at your own risk.


WTC’s goal is to conduct events in a safe manner.  We expect your cooperation when participating in WTC events.  All participants are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Hikers, cyclists, paddlers, and skiers will not go ahead of the trip leader unless they first inform the leader, know the trail, route, or location, and can safely return to the starting point unassisted.
  • Participants must maintain contact with the person behind you. If you lose contact, call ahead to stop the group until the participant appears.
  • Participants should warn others of potential hazards. When hiking on roadways, stay to the left side facing traffic. Watch your footing at all times.
  • Cyclists ride with the traffic, and must always wear a helmet.
  • When skiing, keep skis under control at all times and walk down dangerous narrow trails.
  • Canoers and kayakers must wear an approved life jacket at all times while on the river. Paddlers must stay between the lead and sweep boats, and keep a safe distance from the boat in front. Know and respect your limitations and paddle accordingly.
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for Class I moving water that is shallow and rocky; helmets are required for Class II and above.
  • Outfit yourself with appropriate clothing, shoes and equipment. Take adequate food and water


For conservation and economic reasons, participants may voluntarily form carpools and share costs (based on average costs and occupancy). Each passenger pays ten cents per mile, plus a share of any tolls. Trip leaders may help coordinate carpools. Carpooling is for the convenience of the participants and is not mandatory. Participants are not obliged to ride with anyone or to accept riders. Drivers who accept riders may be liable for injuries to their passengers in the event of an accident. Driving directions are provided.


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