There are over a dozen different types of recurring hiking categories to choose from!
Brief descriptions are provided below.  Click on any link to see future scheduled events:

Sunday Hikes: 4 to 8 miles, at a slower to moderate pace.

Tuesday Hikes: 4 to 7 miles at a moderate pace.  Are impromptu and not in the bulletin.  Notice will be posted on the Forum.

Wednesday Midweek Hikes: 8 to 10 miles at an average of 2.7 miles per hour.  Starting time is 9 am, unless otherwise indicated.

Wednesday Milers Hikes: 11-15 miles at a brisk 3 mph pace, in local parks, with lunch break. 9:00 AM start unless otherwise indicated.

Wednesday Evening Hikes: 3 to 5 miles, at a moderate pace.  Starting time is 6:30 pm, from April through October.  All are welcome to gather for dinner after the hike.

Thursday Hikes: 4 to 5 miles, at an easy to moderate pace. Starting time is 10 am, unless otherwise indicated. Driving distances vary significantly.  All are welcome to gather for lunch after the hike.

Saturday Short Hikes: 4 to 7 miles at a moderate pace.  These are on the first and third Saturdays.

Saturday Medium Hikes: 8 to 9 miles at a brisk pace, about 2.7 miles per hour.  These are on the second and fourth Saturdays.

Saturday Long Hikes: 10 to 15 miles and up and are at a brisk pace. When the hike involves significant driving distance there may be an alternative long local hike.

New Member Hikes: 3 to 5 miles, at a moderate pace. These hikes are on the second Saturday of each month.  They are for welcoming new members and anyone considering joining the Wilmington Trail Club. Everyone is welcome, whether you prefer to hike, bike, paddle, or ski. Current members are also welcome. There is an option to join the group for refreshments after the hike.

Multiple Day Hiking: From May to November weekend hiking trips are scheduled with over-night accommodations at local B&B’s and Lodges. Places visited have been: Hickory Run State Park, World’s End State Park, Chincoteague VA, Promised Land State Park, and Susquehannock State Park.

Multiple Day Backpacking: Weekend trips from April through November to picturesque mountain areas in State Parks and Forests. Most trips are moderately strenuous and will vary in length from 5 to 10 miles per day. We do offer a beginners trip in the spring, which is less strenuous. Backpackers must be in good physical condition. Recent rips have been to Massanutten Mountain, VA, Shenandoah National Park, VA, the Appalachian Trail, NJ, PA & MD, and Susquehannock State Forest in PA .


Annual Brandywine End To End Hike (E2E): This special annual hike is open to the public and members for a fee.  Hike the entire Brandywine Trail, from north to south!

Annual Hike Across Delaware (HAD): This special annual hike is open to the public and members for a fee.  Hike the entire width of the State of Delaware, from west to east!

Work Hikes: Varying opportunities to hike and volunteer with others.

Holiday Hikes: Length of hike and start time is determined by leader. Hikes are held when a Holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday: for example, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day & Black Friday.

Impromptu Hikes: These hikes are impromptu and not planned or scouted in advance. If there is an event, it will usually be posted less than a few days ahead. The length, pace, difficulty, and start times are variable. There may or may not be a meal break. Please read the event’s description very carefully, to determine if a particular hike is suitable for you. If you would like to lead one of these hikes, contact the appropriate Chairperson or Coordinator, to obtain their agreement.

For general questions about the Hiking Programs, you can email:


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