WTC’s ski trips are weekend or week-long events. Most venues are reserved well in advance. Participants are responsible for signing up for the trip with the trip leader and paying a deposit to the leader, unless otherwise noted.



  • Prepare clear and concise information about locations of venues, timing, what participants need to bring or be prepared for; and communicate it to participants in advance.
  • Make sure everyone reads and signs the Liability Release.
  • Be familiar with ski/snowshoe venues, including ability level required.
  • Consider weather when planning daily outings.
  • Make an effort to know the abilities of participants and plan the trip accordingly, providing options for all abilities.
  • Carry a first-aid kit and necessary safety equipment.
  • Be alert for signs of hypothermia.
  • When skiing/snowshoeing in a group, appoint a sweep; try to keep together, and stop for occasional rest and check-in of how people are feeling. (This is especially important at venues with no lodge.)



  • Do not cancel if there is no snow; hiking will be substituted.
  • Make an effort to get yourself in condition. Hiking, running, cycling, swimming, and rope jumping are excellent conditioners.
  • Know your limitations. Check with the trip leader for the required skill level for each trip you contemplate.
  • Let the trip leader know your plans if not staying with the group.
  • Inform the trip leader of medical conditions, allergies or injuries that could arise and need attention on the trip.
  • Have equipment in good condition.
  • Have appropriate clothing.
  • Stay well-nourished and hydrated.



  • Take turns breaking track when necessary.
  • When approaching another skier head-on, move to the right and continue, or wait, whichever is appropriate.
  • When skiing uphill, yield to the skier coming downhill.
  • When following a skier downhill, yield to the skier in front of you.
  • When overtaking skiers, shout the warning “TRACK!” Overtaken skiers should move to the right and give right of way.
  • If you fall, fill in your sitzmarks.



WMH, 10/2014

Update LJ, 11/2018, WMH 03/2020

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