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      Bill Johnston

        The website team is happy to present the product of 5 years of hard work. It still has the same name but it brings us up to modern standards of appearance, utility, convenience and security.

        We plan to make this switch over today or tomorrow. To access the site with member’s only permissions, please enter your new unique username into the upper left hand corner login section. This is your “firstname.lastname”. Use the name you are most known by. For example this may be “Bill” instead of “William”. Then use the “Lost Password” link to receive a password reset link in your email. If you do not have your own unique email address already in the website, you can send one to the Membership Manager. This link will allow you to create your own password. You can also update your membership profile.

        The main new features of our new site are described below. We encourage you to explore our new site after you have logged on.

        What has changed

        • All memberships are individual memberships. Existing household members have been converted to individual members. All subsequent renewals will be at the individual rate.
        • Members without a unique valid e-mail will have to provide one to the membership manager if they want member access or to receive club communications including forum and renewal reminder notices
        • Members will be able to register and renew online and pay by mailed check. After the financial configurations are completed, members will also see the option to choose to pay online with Paypal or major credit card. Offline paper options will continue to be available.
        • Everyone is enrolled in their interest forums by default. Members can easily unsubscribe from receiving categories of information.
        • Entering information about events has been standardized and designed to be less work for event coordinators who have this task. This includes pre-configured, linkable maps and “driving directions”.
        • An Event Bulletin list will be generated from the website and but it will only include event information. Members may print it if they desire. The Bulletin in its current form will cease; the news, announcements and photos currently included will be distributed via Forum, Email and the website.
        • A Membership Directory will be generated from the website. Members may print it if they desire. The Directory in its current form will cease.

        Gary Kirk, President, WTC

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