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      Bill Johnston

        The Forums should be ready to use!!
        I believe the new Website email problem has been solved. So, you should be able to use the previous instructions to obtain a password and begin using the site fully. I appended the instructions at the bottom of this email.
        A couple of things to note:
        1) When you send a Forum, the site will not send it to you. Please do not send multiple Forums because you did not receive an email.
        2) Only a few individuals can enter events into the calendar. When you post a trip or event through the Forum, we will try to ensure it is entered in the calendar.
        3) If you tried multiple times to obtain a password, you may be locked out. Send me an email and we will get it corrected.
        4) Just like the email glitch, there may be more problems. Please send me your issues.
        Bill j

        To access the site with member’s only permissions, please enter your new unique username into the upper left hand corner login section. This is your “firstname.lastname”. Use the name you are most known by. For example this may be “Bill” instead of “William”. Then use the “Lost Password” link to receive a password reset link in your email. If you do not have your own unique email address already in the website, you can send one to the Membership Manager. This link will allow you to create your own password. You can also update your membership profile.

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        Bill Johnston

          Ok, work with me here. The Forums work, but there is obviously still a problem with the login so do not send me any more emails about that. If you have a trip you would like to post on the Forum, please send the info to me. I will publish it on the Forum for you until we get this solved. Thanks, Bill j.

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          Bill Johnston

            Ok folks, we are getting there so bear with me.
            To get logged in use the ‘Lost Password’ link below the sign-in. Then in the UserName/Email box you must use your first.last name as you are registered in the club or your registered email address. If you are registered as William, do not use You should receive an email to your registered email with a link to complete the sign-in.
            A few individuals said this did not work the first time, so try a couple times. But this is working.
            Again, you must use your WTC REGISTERED name or email.

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