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      Brian Gaffigan

      I know I speak for more than just myself, but I needed that!!!
      I got my money’s worth of the whole year, just from today.

      Thank you to all that made this happen, from leadership on down;
      especially Joan (and Jim) Marsh! And all the events beforehand,
      it was like a parade of events from all the activities we do!!
      A shout out to those that made that happen.

      An address from our president, Bill Johnston, drove home the point
      of what we’ve been through as well as pointing out how many people
      contribute so much to this club. Way too many people contributing
      way to much to mention in this brief note.

      And, of course, a shout out to Aram who organized the raffle of so
      many items. The glees of delight, and shock and surprise from those
      who won lifted my heart. And Louise (and Wes) who give so much,
      congrats on winning the shoes and the laugh of the day. I hope
      to see you wearing them on a hike some day soon!

      Although there wasn’t a motion made, I second the notion put
      forth by our President thanking all those who volunteer to make
      this the club it is.

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      Joan March

      Thank you Brian, for summing up the spirit of the day so well. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves. Thanks to the activity leaders, all the willing helpers who brought and set up canopies for extra seating, those who helped move tables, Wes and Tim for grilling the meats, and to everyone really, for joining us on a not so sunny day and bringing delicious dishes to share.

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