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      Matt Himmelstein

      Snap Dragon Design Skirt Discount
      NOTE: I am having trouble learning the new WTC forum formatting. You will need to copy and paste links to your browser.

      Is it time for your first kayak skirt or a replacement? Here is a deal!!! The Snap Dragon Design company has provided a group purchase discount.
      1. This is for WTC members who have ever supported the WTC Paddling Training program as:
      a. Instructor
      b. Staff/Helpers
      c. Student
      2. We receive a 40% discount on the Suggested Retail price of the Skirts, Cockpit and Hatch Covers, and other Accessories (e.g. paddling mitts).
      3. We need a minimum of 5 items to send an order.
      4. We can only order 3 times per year.
      5. Only two items per year per person.
      Here is how the program will work for WTC paddlers. The procedures may change as I gain experience with the process.
      1. Send an email request to and he will reply with for the current catalogue and price list.
      2. Make a selection and reply with the specific item you desire (e.g. model, deck size, tunnel size).
      3. Unfortunately, the Snap Dragon website is down, so their skirt fit links are not working. Use the links below to help fit your tunnel and deck size.
      4. Information for sizing a skirt for a kayak can be found at
      c. (see the bottom of this page for tunnel size)
      d. Disclaimer: the Colorado kayak links are being used for representative informational purposes until the SnapDragon site is operational
      5. Quick tip: If you are uncertain about the deck size, generally ordering up one size works well for white water kayaking Class III or less and makes it easier to attach and detach the skirt. Serious whitewater enthusiasts will want a tighter fit.
      6. It will be important to get the fit right so consult an experienced kayaker if you are uncertain or contact Snap Dragon for direct help.
      7. When I have enough orders, I will ask you to send me a check made out to WTC Paddlers for the “wholesale price” and a pre-determined portion of the shipping.
      8. I will give the checks to Paddling Board treasurer who will use the debit card to place the order.
      9. I will inform everyone where they can get their skirt.
      Please be patient through the first few orders while everyone learns the process. Please contact Matt Himmelstein who is piloting this effort if you would like to help administer this purchasing program.

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      Matt Himmelstein

      Putting a second notice out for this purchase program. Please respond by Thursday this week (9/19) if interested in ordering a skirt. We have 4 participants and I would like to get a few more. My email is

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      Bill Johnston

      Matt, I put out a forum about a week ago that said to not reply to your own post to add info. Replies only go to the original author and anyone who has replied. Bill

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