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      Bill Johnston

      The President’s Message, September 2020

      The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and still impacts our club’s activities. As we continue club events, our members are becoming comfortable with the procedures, but we must avoid becoming complacent. We must continue Social Distancing (6 feet) and using masks. Please be safe for your health and our club member’s health. Recently New York and New Jersey re-added Delaware and Maryland to their 14-day quarantine list, so we may not do events in NY and NJ. As I write this, NY and NJ removed MD from the list, but DE remains, so our NY trip restrictions remain.

      The items below were covered at our bimonthly Council meeting held via ZOOM.

      We have several website updates. The Forums are now working properly and delivering all the emails to subscribed members. This took a year of hard work. Thank you, April. We also changed the forums from “open” to “private” after we realized that non-members could see more information than we would like. Now, you must log in to prove your membership and to see any forum information. One final issue is temporary. Recently WordPress issued a major update, which has a big impact on websites using WordPress (like WTC). If you have problems viewing any pages on the website, please view the “We had a major software update” banner at the top of the Home Page for instructions.

      We still need a Publicity Chair. When the pandemic abates, this position will be critical to our growth. Please consider volunteering for this position if you have ANY interest.

      On January 1, 2021, Craig Hall will assume the AT (Appalachian Trail) Supervisor role from Jan King. Jan did an excellent job in this position over the years. Thank you, Jan. Jan planned a major AT project which we will need to accomplish later in 2021 or into 2022 (delayed due to COVID). The privy at our AT shelter is approaching failure and requires replacement. This project will require more effort than our regular AT work trips. When the requests go out for volunteers, please help. Maintaining our AT section provides WTC national recognition and enables hundreds of hikers to enjoy this world-class treasure.

      The End to End will have 2 awards going into the future. The Current Don Brown Award will be presented to the first male club member to finish hiking the event. A new Blackmore-Mealey Award will be presented to the first female club member to finish hiking the event. Around 1960 when the ETE was an unsupported day hike, Alyce Blackmore and Marie Mealey decided to wait at Hagley (the end point at that time) to welcome the hikers by ringing bells, recording the finish times, and offering doughnuts and coffee. Both continued this tradition well into their 80s and we use the bells donated by Alyce to this day.

      Cycling, Hiking, and Paddling continue to provide regular events for our members. We are investigating skiing events this winter but first the current NY quarantine needs to be lifted.

      As seen below, Gary Kirk finally found a COVID safe opportunity to pass the WTC ‘scepter’ to yours truly.!Ar9p1asF3Uyo8Wg_j34xbGovE104?e=WpX6Fo

      Bill Johnston

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