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      Gary Kirk

      Club Members,
      As we complete 3 weeks of activities, I want to thank everyone for their help with the new procedures and your patience.
      One requirement needs to be readdressed while we move forward into week 4. There have been a few instances of individuals not adhering to the 6 feet social distancing requirement. We did not make up this rule to make your life miserable, as you are well aware if you have seen any news the last few months. While attempting to get more leaders, several club members told us they would not join activities anytime soon because of their own COVID health concerns. Please adhere to social distancing before, during, and after the event. Social distancing is for your health and Safety, the health and safety of others, protecting our club’s liability, and respectability in the outdoor community. Remember that signing the waiver to participate indicates you will adhere to all the requirements.
      As we go forward, please keep the following in mind:
      • Be sure to bring your mask & hand sanitizer.
      • Maintain social distancing at all times.
      • Do not show up for an event without preregistering/RSVP. Use the instructions on the event’s calendar entry.
      • If you have any hiking event questions, contact – Joan Burke or the event leader.
      • If you have any cycling event questions, contact – Debbie Chaga or the event leader.
      • If you have any paddling event questions, contact the event leader.
      • WE HAVE A NEW LIABILITY RELEASE – PLEASE READ IT! (Use this link to see them –
      We are allowed to do activities in our 4 surrounding states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
      Events will be posted on the website calendar through June and beyond. RSVP’s will only be taken NO MORE THAN 6 days prior to the event. (For example: if you are looking at doing a Tuesday hike, a RVSP cannot be taken until Wednesday before.) We are also asking Coordinators to put the date on the calendar writeup when an RVSP may be accepted. If you want to lead an event contact your coordinator. Hike leaders are being asked to start all hikes at 8:30. The state tells us parking lots are filling up fast. We have seen parking lots full by 9:00.
      Our committee is looking at how we may add events to the same day as regularly scheduled events to double up and allow for more participants. Even though some states now allow more than 10 participant others do not, but eventually they all will allow larger groups. However, we have found larger groups cause social distancing issues. Even in a group of 10, it is difficult to maintain socially distant within our group. More than 10 causes an overload in a parking lot because of other users. We must be responsible and share the recreation areas with others at this time when our outdoor spaces are being overloaded. If you would possibly like to be a backup leader let your coordinator know. We will let you know how we decide to handle this.
      Joan Burke is Chairperson for the Re-start Committee. She asked that you contact her if you have any questions or concerns. ()
      I hope you enjoy the events as they are. I think this may be the norm for a while. Thank you for helping us with this new way of doing things.

      Gary Kirk, WTC president and the Re-start Committee.

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