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      Bill Johnston

      Pennsylvania recently adjusted their travel rules. “They do not apply to individuals who are returning to the Commonwealth after traveling outside the Commonwealth for less than 24 hours.” PA residents may now attend Delaware WTC events. This DOES NOT say out of state residents can be in PA for less than 24 hours. Any PA events can only be attended by PA residents.

      Here are the updated rules for WTC events:

      1) Delaware event locations shall only be attended by Delaware and Pennsylvania residents.
      2) Maryland event locations shall only be attended by Maryland residents.
      3) Pennsylvania event locations shall only be attended by Pennsylvania residents. Additionally, masks must be worn in Pennsylvania at all times on the event.
      4) All current rules remain in place. https://wilmingtontrailclub.org/about-wtc/wtc-documents/wtc-pandemic-safety/
      5) I highly recommend you follow the PA mask rule (wear a mask at all times) on all our events.

      Be Safe!

      Bill Johnston

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