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      Bill Johnston

      Hello members. There have been some requests and rumblings to open our events and make them more like pre-COVID. And I have received requests not to loosen event rules, and even to tighten our current rules.

      COVID IS A THREAT! And now there is a resurgence of COVID in the local area and nationally. A substantial portion of our membership is in the vulnerable age for serious health issues from COVID. The Council strongly believes we need to protect our membership, and we are attempting to do that with our rules. Not everyone will be happy, but we ask that you make this sacrifice for the greater good.

      A few events have more requests for attendance than the ten allowed. That is an excellent opportunity for our members to step forward and lead another event. Please consider this an opportunity to help the club and our members. The bonus is, you can go where you want. We all need to try harder to work through the COVID pandemic.

      Please be safe!
      Bill Johnston

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