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      Brian Gaffigan

      On a beautiful, and overcast day on the Elk River, the WTB kayakers
      were having a serene, easily paddled trip, seeing herons and osprey,
      and a comorant — easy paddling, with little congestion, unlike our
      whitewater friends.
      As we approached a bend, we could hear the excitement of these kids
      enjoying themselves before we even saw them — nine kayakers, all in a row.
      It turns out there were as many kids as there were kayakers, and as we
      went by, they were curious about us and engaged us as we went by, one
      boy even suggesting that he could hook on one of our kayaks and hang out.

      Here’s where it gets good. As we turned around and got past the boys and
      returned, we noticed there was a football a quarter mile downstream.
      We talked about it — Kevin Boyd took action and grabbed the football. I
      found out a while later, he paddled back and gave that football – still
      inflated, still useable – to the kids to have and to use. Maybe it was
      theirs to begin with, maybe not, but on a hot day in cool water to now
      have a football to throw around? Priceless. Classy move, Kevin!

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