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      David Sibley

        June 18th – Rolling In Current
        -Instructor – Dave Sibley
        Location: to be determined based on conditions – probably Muddy Creek this year.

        Enrollment limit: 5 students; 1 instructor 10:2 with qualified assistant/safety boater
        Rolling on a river can be harder than in a pool for various reasons, but it can sometimes be
        easier. We will look at rolling in a way that uses the current to our advantage. The venue will
        have good eddy service and easy assisted recovery. We plan to have enough support so that no
        one will need to pull the cord! Remember that repeated rolls will let in more water than the
        occasional roll, so latex gaskets are recommended.
        *Prerequisite Skills: Reliable pool roll
        Course Fee: $10

        Contact me to sign up, or with questions,

        NB the calendar state the venue will be Scudders but it will probably be too high.

        You will need to be an active ACA and WTC member to oarticipate.

        Additional helpers/ co-instructors, contact me please. This will be reported as a Level 3 class to ACA.

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