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      Gary Kirk

        In May, after 3 years of excellent service to the club, Bill Johnston will step down as WTC President. Since before May of last year, we, the nominating committee, have been asking many members who we thought would do a great job as our next president, but no one has yet accepted this opportunity. Our hope was to find someone who would be willing to shadow Bill to learn the job.

        Since that approach has failed, we now come to the entire club to see if someone will step forward. Or if you know someone, please inform the Nominating Committee. If you have been asked in the past to do the job, please reconsider. If you have not been asked and you think you would be willing to serve as president for at least one year, we apologize for not asking you.
        The job as president can be as easy or as involved as you want to make it. Primarily we need someone who will organize and run every other month Council meetings, including putting together an agenda for these meetings. The agenda items mostly come from the various council members. The other thing the President will do is to filter questions and issues to the different council members. Our Council members, as a team, have the experience and knowledge to find solutions to issues. We have a great Council who support and help the club president.

        We are also always looking for qualified candidates to assume roles on the WTC Council. WTC COUNCIL – Wilmington Trail Club provides a listing of all WTC leadership positions.

        Please give this some serious thought and contact one of us if you are interested in supporting the club as President or a Council member.
        Gary Kirk
        Louise Young
        Bill Hardam
        Dave Koppeser
        Karyn Derman

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