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      Karyn Derman

      1. Hiking “Sweep” duties: Contrary to popular belief, the “Sweep” is not the slowest hiker in the group – being Sweep involves some responsibilities:
      * Stay at the back of the group to be sure that no one gets left behind
      * Keep in contact with the leader to let them know if there is a problem or if anyone is having difficulty with the pace
      * Request a “people break” if someone towards the back of the group needs one
      * The “Sweep” should have some knowledge of the area where the hike is – desirable but not required

      2. Dogs on hikes: Dogs are permitted on hikes at the discretion of the leader. You must ask the leader’s permission each and every time you wish to bring a dog on the hike – don’t assume that it is okay because a leader allowed young bring your dog in the past that it is okay all the time. Some hike locations are more dog-friendly than others. Also, if you have permission to bring your dog, the dog should be leashed and you should stay towards the rear of the group, however, this does not automatically mean that you are the “Sweep”.

      3. Courtesy to hike leaders: It is okay to walk with the hike leader and have a conversation with them, however, please try to refrain from telling them how to lead the hike, e.g. trying to get them to take a different route (However, if you are 100% sure that the leader is taking the group the wrong way it would be okay to nicely let them know this and suggest a different one), trying to get them to walk faster (called “pushing the pace”) etc. A little courtesy goes a long way and constant criticism of the hike leaders on a hike makes for a hostile environment and also makes it more difficult to recruit new leaders. We are all adults and volunteers and we are here to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

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      Joan March

      Well said, Karyn! Joan M

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