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      1.  It has been a while since I sent the reminder about coming to a scheduled hike on time and some people are still showing up late.  The hike “start time” on the calendar posting is the time that the group starts walking.  Members are requested to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to this time to allow for parking, passes, bathroom break, circle-up etc.

      2.  Keeping the group together so no one gets lost:  We are still having a few problems with this.  It is the responsibility of Both the Leader and the Sweep  to keep the group together, and everyone on the hike should  keep track of the person behind them.  If the group gets too spread out, especially crossing roads and at trail intersections, it is easy for hikers to get lost.  Anyone can call out to the leader to slow down or stop to let people catch up.  We are out on the trails to enjoy ourselves, not have an emergency situation, so please be courteous to your fellow hikers and watch out for the group as a whole.  Thank you!

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