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      Bill Johnston

      WTC members

      As most of you are aware, we now have 2 COVID vaccines approved and being administered. This is really great news! This does not mean we can relax.

      You are also aware that the various states have been changing their COVID rules weekly trying to slow the pandemic outbreak. This is not so great news.

      The Re-start /COVID committee has diligently attempted to parse all the local state COVID rules to provide an outdoor experience for our members. With the recent increase in COVID cases, the various states have started making complicated and nuanced rules weekly. This is making it difficult to interpret the rules and develop a coherent plan for WTC.

      Therefore, WTC will change our view of how to handle events. Since we are incorporated in Delaware, we will follow CDC and Delaware COVID rules. We will conduct events in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Events in Delaware may be attended by anyone if your home state allows travel. Events in MD, NJ, and PA may only be attended by in-state residents.

      Non-Delaware residents are urged to be familiar with their state rules and adhere to those rules when participating in WTC events. The onus of rule adherence falls on you, the member. There is a new phrase on the release: “affirm I am adhering to my home state’s COVID-19 rules.”

      While on our events, you will still be required to follow these WTC rules:
      Remember that signing the waiver to participate indicates you will adhere to all the requirements.
      Be prepared for the following on all club activities:
      • Bring your mask with you and be prepared to use it. (In your backpack is not ready to be used.)
      • Bring hand sanitizer.
      • Bring your own pen to sign the waiver.
      • Maintain social distancing of 6’ at all times.
      • Use your mask if you are not able to maintain the 6’ distancing. (This should be only for brief periods or emergencies.)
      • Do not show up for an event without preregistering/RSVP. Use the instructions on the event’s calendar entry.
      • If you have any hiking event questions, contact – Joan Burke or the event leader.
      • If you have any cycling event questions, contact – Debbie Chaga or the event leader.
      • If you have any paddling event questions, contact the event leader.
      • If you are unfamiliar with the NEW LIABILITY RELEASE – PLEASE READ IT! (Use this link to see them –

      Thank you for your continued cooperation.

      Happy New Year!
      Be Safe!
      Bill Johnston

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