Leigh Belcher

    If you are looking for a used whitewater kayak and fall in the weight ranges (larger kayaker) for these kayaks, please send me an email and I will send pictures to you. If you have questions, give me a ring at 302 731-0217. Leigh

    Yellow Perception Blaze 7.3 $250
    7’4″ long 41 lbs
    for 200-280 lbs kayaker weight
    outfitted with all kinds of neat things in the cockpit
    63 gal boat; planing hull

    Blue Jackson Super Fun $300
    7’1″ long 36 lbs
    for 210-265 lbs kayaker weight
    70 gal boat; planing hull

    Red Perception Pirouette Proline $375
    11’2″ long 44 lbs
    for 150-250 lbs kayaker weight
    69 gal boat; displacement hull

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