Jimmy McArdle

    Hi All, I’m definitely in, dates are already taken off! Really looking forward to this week on the water! I’d definitely like to camp with you all, Sat PM to Fri, but could use a hand…

    You see, I’m a 50yo FT student, and have been the past couple of years, studying to become a middle or high school science and math teacher. Consequently my pockets are a tad shallow these days. Would anyone be willing to share a campsite?

    I’m new to this group. I met Jack Frankosky at a WFA course who told me about you all. And Carol Collins knows me as well, and hopefully will put in a good word on my behalf, LOL! I also help manage and regularly lead for WatersEdge KC, a Baltimore based touring club.

    Anyone willing to share a campsite please email me at .

    Thanks! Jimmy

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