DATE: 04/13/2024
TIME: 5:00am-5:00pm (prompt start, estimated end)
MILEAGE: 28 miles

DESCRIPTION: (Wear appropriate clothing & bring water!  Below are some special instructions: what to bring, relative difficulties, interesting features, and carpooling directions.)

Take the Challenge – Go End to End

The Annual Brandywine End to End will be held again this year –  The event date is Saturday, April 13.  Similar to 2023, the 2024 event is a ~28-mile trail and road challenge through the beautiful Brandywine Valley. The event is open to hikers and runners who will navigate the trail at their own pace following blazes and a cue sheet. The Brandywine Trail wanders down the scenic Brandywine Creek Valley through parks, farms, pastures, woods, and along country roads. About one-third of the hike is on roads.

Participants will meet at Chadds Ford Elementary School for registration and to board a bus that leaves promptly at 5:45 a.m.   The hike/run begins in Ludwig’s Corner, PA at ~6:30 a.m. (You can also meet us at the trailhead, although we do not provide return transportation.) Approximately 28 miles later you will arrive back at Chadds Ford Elementary School.

There are two rest stops/checkpoints where you can refuel with food and drink. You must reach each checkpoint by the cut-off times:

      o    Downingtown: 13 miles, by 11:00 am

      o    Lenape: 23 miles, by 3:00 pm

      o    You must complete the hike by 5:00 pm

At the end of the hike, claim your t-shirt and enjoy refreshments! If you are unable to complete the trail, limited rides will be available at the checkpoints, and will return you to Chadds Ford Elementary School.

Although the terrain is not difficult, this is a serious long-distance event and requires adequate preparation. Participants must be experienced hikers/runners, comfortable with distances of at least 15 miles.

To familiarize yourself with the trail and to help you train, Wilmington Trail Club hosts two warm-up hikes done at your own pace.  On March 30th we will complete ~ 15 miles of the trail; on April 6th we will complete ~ 10 miles of the trail.  Details will be posted on the Wilmington Trail Club website; check the Hiking>Calendar section of the website for times and locations.

The registration deadline (to guarantee T-shirt and bus) is March 26, 2024. Deadline for refund for cancellation is April 1, 2024. On-site registration may be available only as space allows.

You can sign up for this event by filling out the event booking information below.  You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card by selecting that payment method on the “Pay With” dropdown menu and submitting your booking.   Credit Card payments are processed by PayPal as guests and do not require a PayPal account or login.   Alternatively, you can “Pay by Check” and send a check ($40 for WTC or CCTC members; $45 for nonmembers) made out to Wilmington Trail Club, sent to Linda Jones, 303 Alders Drive, Wilmington, DE, 19803.  When your check is received, you will be e-mailed a confirmation notice.

For more information send an email to Linda Jones


Because risks are always involved in hiking you should consider the following matters before participating in this event: 

  1. The Wilmington Trail Club desires to conduct this event in a safe manner and expects your cooperation. Therefore, when hiking, you must follow certain basic safety rules: follow the instructions of the hike leaders, check the provided Trail Guide frequently and stay on the route that has been marked out with 2 in. by 6 in. white-painted blazes and/or white tape, stay on the left side, single file, facing traffic when hiking on roads. 
  2. Wilmington Trail Club hike leaders are amateurs and not paid professionals. They are volunteers who are conducting the activity for the benefit of all. The decision to participate, or to continue with this event, is yours alone. The leaders will help with arrangements to carry out your decision, consistent with the resources and welfare of the group. 
  3. You should determine the difficulty of this event and any event, the possible hazards, and the possible weather conditions before participating. This is a rain or shine event.
  4. You are responsible for outfitting yourself with appropriate clothing, shoes, and equipment. It is recommended that you carry a cell-phone, the appropriate amount of water and snacks with you.


I am aware that 1) there are risks involved in hiking and 2) participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including but not limited to MRSA, influenza, and COVID-19. While particular rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of injury, serious illness and death does exist and I voluntarily assume the risk of injury, serious illness, and even death while participating.  I have read the safety information above. In consideration of my being permitted to participate in the E2E (End to End) hike, and in further consideration of being allowed to enter onto any private lands over which the event may pass, I RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE the Wilmington Trail Club (WTC), its officers, and members and the owners of such private lands, as well as their respective agents, representatives, and successors (hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) regarding any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, or serious illness, including death, that may be sustained by me, or by my minor child if I am signing up a minor child, during or as a result of this event. If I am signing up a minor child, I agree to explain all risks to the minor, to explain to the minor his or her personal responsibilities for adhering to the rules, to get the minor’s consent to be subjected to the risks and to accompany the child on the hike.  I have read, understand and agree on behalf of myself and on behalf of my minor child if applicable to be bound by the terms of this agreement.  I further hereby AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASEES from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees, that may incur due to participation in said activities, whether caused by negligence of RELEASEES or otherwise. 

I agree that clicking on the Waiver/Release check box appearing on this booking is the same as a handwritten signature for purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility. 



Chadds Ford Elementary School

3 Baltimore Pike
Chadds Ford ,  PA 19317

39.873211, -75.599295

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Follow I-95 N and DE-141 N to DE-100 N/Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway/Montchanin Rd in Greenville 14 min (11.8 mi) Follow DE-100 N and Creek Rd/Pennsylvania 100 Historic to US-1 S in Chadds Ford 15 min (7.7 mi) Turn left onto US-1 S 58 s (0.4 mi) Turn right onto Chadds Ford School Dr 26 s (0.1 mi)


Chadds Ford Elementary School is used for the End To End meeting in 2024.

Leaders must get permission from CFES to use their parking lot.


No events in this location.

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