1.   Navigate to: wilmingtontrailclub.org.

2.  Click on “Reset Password” link.  (This is in blue type below the “Log In” button.)

3.    On the next screen, enter your username.  Usernames were not transferred from the previous website.  Usernames are: “firstname.lastname”.  And do NOT use your email address.  If your email address prefills to the username box, clear it.  Usernames are based on familiar names, rather than given names.

4.    Click on the “Get new password” button.  This will send you instructions about how to change your password.

5.    Look in your email.  There should be an email from Wilmington Trail Club showing your username.  Click on the link (in blue) at the bottom of the email.  Check your spam folder if it does not appear within 15 minutes.

6.    Clear the new password box and enter the password you want.

7.    Click on “Reset Password”.

8.    The next screen says “Your password has been reset.”  Click on “Log in” (in blue right after the message.)

9.   On the next screen, type in your username and password.

10.  Five unsuccessful login attempts or five password resets in a short period of time will result in an access block.

11. For future convenience, when you do login successfully, consider clicking the browser choice that will save this login.

12. Email the WTC Webmaster if you need any help.

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