Thank you for being a WTC Club member!  We are approaching the renewal date of most members.  Some mis-timed reminder notices have been or may be sent by the new website while it’s still under construction.  The basic renewal steps are: login, check your renewal status, choose a payment method, renew. Here are the details:

1. Go to the WTC Club website:

2. You must log in to the website! If you have trouble doing this, please go to Login Steps before you try several times. (Personal login assistance is also available by clicking on the gray envelope in the lower right-hand side of the website).

3. After you have logged in, click on the white “ACCOUNT” link near the top center of the screen. This will take you to your basic “Profile and Membership” info. (There are links from there to update your info if you wish).

4. Most importantly, if your “Membership Expires” date is nearing and you wish to renew, please proceed to ONE of the TWO next steps.

5. Renew Online: click on the blue link “renew online” to pay with PayPal or Credit Card.
6. Renew Offline: by sending the renewing member’s name and a check for $18 to:
WTC Membership Manager
c/o Jeanne-Marie Yohe
2717 Landon Dr
Wilmington, DE 19810

(The paper form is optional if you have had information changes and do not wish to enter them yourself.)


  • The goal of this process is for existing club members to renew their membership. DO NOT re-register.  You will be finding your account and simply adding another payment order, not creating a new account.  If you get a message that your username or email address already exists, this is a very good clue that you are not proceeding correctly.
  • All payments must be received before the expires date or your account will automatically expire.
  • “Household” accounts were discontinued and all members were given their own account.  Each individual must supply a unique email address and renew their own account annually for $18.
  • Please contact the Membership Manager if you’re unsure about this.

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Please fill out this form and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience! ~Cyndi Amon & the WTC Membership Committee


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