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WTC participates in this cleanup every spring. Gliding through rolling hills, farms and forests, large and small towns, the Brandywine, White Clay, and Red Clay Creeks, and Christina River constitute the watershed of the Christina River Basin, before continuing into the Delaware River.  This watershed provides more than 75% of the water supply for residents and businesses in New Castle County, Delaware.

The Christina River Watershed Cleanup’s mission has always been the removal of man-made debris from within this beautiful watershed, while raising public awareness for pollution prevention. Removal of invasive plant species and the planting of native species are more recent activities.  No experience is needed.

Since the Cleanup began in 1992, more than 360 tons of tires, appliances, household items, and other trash have been cleared from within the watershed.

You can join hundreds of volunteers and help clean the single most important natural resource in our region!  A solid effort is needed each year to keep each of these waterways as free from debris as possible while also improving wildlife habitat.

Please press the button below for the info regarding this year’s annual event!

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The Friends of White Clay Creek State Park is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our mission is the protection and preservation of the park and surrounding creek valley through needs assessment, enhancement projects, public relations, and education.  Website: https://www.whiteclayfriends.org/

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Locally, WTC members help maintain trails in Brandywine Creek and White Clay Creek State Parks, and the White Clay Creek Preserve in cooperation with Friends groups and park volunteer coordinators.  Website: https://friendsofpawccp.org/

Tristate Marker Trail Clearing

Tristate Marker Bridge Building

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One project that is gaining recognition is the non-native invasive removal project at the Judge Morris Estate (JME) section of White Clay Creek State Park led by Terri Tipping. With support of the State Park staff (Natural Resources Planner), we have been removing non-native invasive plants, e.g., multiflora rose, Linden viburnum, honeysuckle bush and vine, Oriental bittersweet, garlic mustard, wineberry, and burning bush. These non-native plants take over and make it difficult for native plants to flourish. Fewer native plants, fewer native insects, less food for native birds (Google “Doug Tallamy”). The project originally started with clearing 20-30 feet on each side of the trail, but with the involvement of Park staff, we have worked on other targeted projects. Last summer and fall the Park staff had us focus on clearing an “Old Growth” section of the park. At times when particular plants are easy to identify, we target those plants in a broader area (e.g. Asian honeysuckle bush.) The smaller plants we try to pull up by the roots; the larger plants, we cut and the State folks treat with herbicide. We’ve been working on this project every Thursday for the last 18-24 months. In 2017, we contributed 745 volunteer hours. The Park Staff has said they would like to model other groups at other parks after what we started at JME !  This non-native invasive removal project at Judge Morris Estate continues every Thursday from 9 to 11. Generally we meet at the main parking lot, but contact Terri as we sometimes meet elsewhere to be closer to our worksite. Wear long pants and long sleeves, bring work gloves. There is work for all levels, from easy hand pulling of vines to dirty and thorny tackling of multiflora rose. Bring friends, we are making a difference!

You can see the: Judge Morris Environmental Stewardship Presentation for much more detail.


A Fraction of the Judge Morris Invasive Cleanup Group

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