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Supporting Organization Email & Phone Brief Description
Fair Hill Natural Resources Management AreaFair Hill is a 5,656 acre Natural Resources Management Area, where multiple management practices are employed for the maximum use and protection of Maryland's natural resources. Bordered by Pennsylvania to the north and less than one half mile west of Delaware, Fair Hill is known for its pristine fields, woodlands and natural beauty. Contact: Sarah Chambers ()
Friends of Bellevue State ParkContact: Wilma Yu
Friends of Brandywine Creek State ParkContact: David Sheppard
Friends of Lum's Pond State ParkContact: Clara Robbs
Friends of Ridley Creek State ParkContact: Jack Miller
Friends of White Clay Creek State ParkThe Friends of White Clay Creek State Park is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our mission is the protection and preservation of the park and surrounding creek valley through needs assessment, enhancement projects, public relations, and education. Contact: David Koppeser
Friends of White Clay Creek State PreserveA volunteer community service organization committed to supporting Pennsylvania’s White Clay Creek Preserve through improvement and maintenance projects, educational programs, and fundraising efforts. Friends of White Clay Creek Preserve (PA) was chartered by a group of concerned citizens to support the Pennsylvania portion of the White Clay Creek Preserve and Park system in March 2012. It is a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping all of Pennsylvania’s state parks, forests and preserves. Contact: Scotty Crowder
Friends of Wilmington State Parks
(302) 656-3665
Contact: Brenda Good

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