Hiking and Volunteer Events Upcoming Fair Hill Area

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Below is a list of events at or near area parks, that will be led by the Wilmington Trail Club (www.wilmingtontrailclub.org) volunteers, within the next 3 months.  You are very welcome to join these hike & volunteer events.  Please read the description to determine if you are capable of doing a hike.  If you have questions or for more information about a hike contact: Gary Kirk [ or (302) 366-0464].  Parks included in this list are:

Fair Hill Natural Resources Area – P1 (MD-273)
Fair Hill Natural Resources Area – P2 (Covered Bridge)
Fair Hill Natural Resources Area – P3 (Appleton North)
Fair Hill Natural Resources Area – P4 (Gallaher Rd)
Fair Hill Natural Resources Area – P5 (Appleton South)
White Clay Creek Preserve – Big Elk Creek
White Clay Creek Preserve – Springlawn

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