Hiking and Volunteer Events Upcoming Brandywine Creek Area

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Below is a list of events at or near area parks, that will be led by the Wilmington Trail Club (www.wilmingtontrailclub.org) volunteers, within the next 3 months.  You are very welcome to join these hike & volunteer events.  Please read the description to determine if you are capable of doing a hike.  If you have questions or for more information about a hike contact: Gary Kirk [ or (302) 366-0464].  Parks included in this list are:

Brandywine Creek State Park – Hawk Watch Lot
Brandywine Creek State Park – Jewish Community Center
Brandywine Creek State Park – Thompson’s Bridge
Brandywine Creek State Park – Visitors’ Center
Brandywine Red Clay Alliance
First State National Historical Park – Beaver Valley
First State National Historical Park – Rocky Run Pkwy
Wilmington State Parks – Jasper Crane Rose Garden

09/30/2020  8:30am - 11:30am    BCSP   (7-8 mi)

Join us in another fast paced hike on another lovely early fall day(one can hope…) and welcoming a new leader. We will hike up from the Brandywine into rolling countryside, some hills, some rocks, roots, crows, the usual crowd. Bring water, snack, mask, as Covid-19 precautions in effect.   Register with leader.

Brandywine Creek State Park – Thompson’s Bridge     |     4017 Thompsons Bridge Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803     |    39.817461, -75.569101


10/13/2020  8:30am - 11:30am    Brandywine Creek State Park   (5-7 mi)

This hike is limited to 10 reserved hikers. To reserve, email the leader no earlier than 10-7-20.

Maintain 6 foot social distance. Bring a mask that you can retrieve quickly in case you suddenly can’t maintain 6 feet.

Bring you own pen and hand sanitizer for checking in.

If all of those reserved are there and ready early, we will leave early.

We will hike on the grounds of Granogue, a private Dupont family estate where the WTC has permission to walk.

Brandywine Creek State Park – Visitors’ Center     |     62 Adams Dam Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807     |    39.807652, -75.579488


10/28/2020  8:30am    Brandywine Creek State Park - Thompsons Bridge   (7-8 mi)

This is a COVID-19 compliant hike so only 10 hikers (including the leader) will be able to attend.  Please bring your mask, hand sanitizer, a pen to sign the hike release form, and a snack to eat while we’re hiking.  There will be no lunch stop.

Please RSVP no earlier than October 22 by email to Joan Burke at .

Brandywine Creek State Park – Thompson’s Bridge     |     4017 Thompsons Bridge Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803     |    39.817461, -75.569101


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