To be able to view all of the member’s only content of the website.  Specifically, to take full advantage of the club’s resources and do key things such as: renew membership, subscribe/unsubscribe/participate in forums, view leader information, and view/print events bulletin or member directory.

1.   Navigate to: “”.

2.  Click on “Reset Password” link.  (This is in blue type below the “Log In” button.)

3.    On the next screen, enter your username.  Usernames were not transferred from the previous website.  Usernames are: “firstname.lastname”.  And do NOT use your email address.  If your email address prefills to the username box, clear it.  Usernames are based on familiar names, rather than given names.

4.    Click on the “Get new password” button.  This will send you instructions about how to change your password.

5.    Look in your email.  There should be an email from Wilmington Trail Club showing your username.  Click on the link (in blue) at the bottom of the email.  Check your spam folder if it does not appear within 15 minutes.

6.    Clear the new password box and enter the password you want.

7.    Click on “Reset Password”.

8.    The next screen says “Your password has been reset.”  Click on “Log in” (in blue right after the message.)

9.   On the next screen, type in your username and password.

10.  Five unsuccessful login attempts or five password resets in a short period of time will result in an access block.

11. For future convenience, when you do login successfully, consider clicking the browser choice that will save this login.

12. Email the WTC Webmaster if you need any help.

Thank you for being a WTC Club member!  We are approaching the renewal date of most members.  Some mis-timed reminder notices have been or may be sent by the new website while it’s still under construction.  The basic renewal steps are: login, check your renewal status, choose a payment method, renew. Here are the details:

1. Go to the WTC Club website:

2. You must log in to the website! If you have trouble doing this, please go to Login Steps before you try several times. (Personal login assistance is also available by clicking on the gray envelope in the lower right-hand side of the website).

3. After you have logged in, click on the white “ACCOUNT” link near the top center of the screen. This will take you to your basic “Profile and Membership” info. (There are links from there to update your info if you wish).

4. Most importantly, if your “Membership Expires” date is nearing and you wish to renew, please proceed to ONE of the TWO next steps.

5. Renew Online: click on the blue link “renew online” to pay with PayPal or Credit Card.
6. Renew Offline: by sending the renewing member’s name and a check for $18 to:

WTC Membership Manager
c/o Jeanne-Marie Yohe
2717 Landon Dr
Wilmington, DE 19810

(The paper form is optional if you have had information changes and do not wish to enter them yourself.)


  • The goal of this process is for existing club members to renew their membership. DO NOT re-register.  You will be finding your account and simply adding another payment order, not creating a new account.  If you get a message that your username or email address already exists, this is a very good clue that you are not proceeding correctly.
  • All payments must be received before the expires date or your account will automatically expire.
  • “Household” accounts were discontinued and all members were given their own account.  Each individual must supply a unique email address and renew their own account annually for $18.
  • Please contact the Membership Manager if you’re unsure about this.

On the Home page, click on the “Forums: WTC” link in the left sidebar, near the top.  Click the tab for the Forum you want to view.  Click the blue “Subscribe” link.  It will then show, “Unsubscribe.”

Do not mark WTC emails as spam!  This can have very negative effects on the website’s permission to send email.  On the Home Page, click on your name (upper left), then Forums and then Subscribed Topics (found under the word Forum).  Now you can unsubscribe by clicking on the – symbol opposite each one you do not want.  Please keep Overall Alerts and Overall News.  In the unlikely event that you wish to Unsubscribe from all forums, please contact the WTC Webmaster at

  • How do I get back to the Home Page?  …you can always click on the colorful WTC Icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • How do I go back pages that I’ve recently viewed?  …use your browser’s back button.

Logically the larger your device is, the easier it is to view and navigate websites.  However, this website is “responsive”, meaning it attempts to best fit to most devices.  It also appears that newer devices are more responsive.

On a smart phone, you should expect to see 3 bars or dots near the top, click to expand access to all of the Menus and Site Search field.  The menus include all of the information about the club.  Please browse when you have time.

The welcoming Home Page is the first full screen.

Then scroll down for the left sidebar shortcut items.  These sidebar items contain the Login / Logout and several other helpful links.

Scroll down further for the right sidebar shortcut items, like Future Events section.  The full sized and mini Calendars, Next list and Bulletin …can be quickly accessed from here.

Furthest down you’ll see Recent Forum Posts and Footer links.

At the moment, it’s 21 pages long, maybe 50% longer than the previous Bulletin.  The reason it’s that long is that it includes all WTC categories of events – hiking, paddling, cycling, skiing, etc.  Also, everything that has been input on the calendar from the current day and forward is included.

Go to and login; you must be logged in to be able to see the bulletin.

  • Just above the calendar on the upper right hand corner of the home page, click the blue letters that say, “Bulletin.”
  • In the upper right hand corner, click the gray box that says, “Print This Post.”
  • Then you can use your printer’s settings to make it 2-sided, or print only selected pages if you wish.

Go to and login; you must be logged in to be able to see club documents.

  • On the main horizontal menu, hover over OVERALL then click on DOCUMENTS.  All of the club RELEASES are listed there.
  • There’s also a shortcut link in the left sidebar.
  • In the RELEASES list, click on the one you want, it will open in your browser
  • To print, use your browser’s print menu

1st force the browser to refresh and reload:

  • Generally use a general page reload button …or specifically:
  • Google Chrome on Mac: Command + Shift + R
  • Google Chrome on Windows & Linux: CTRL + F5
  • Firefox on Mac: Command + Shift + R
  • Firefox on Windows & Linux: CTRL + F5
  • Safari: Command + Option + R
  • Opera on Mac: Command + Alt + R
  • Opera on Windows: Shift + F5


If that doesn’t work you can force the browser to clear cache:


~from a “wpbeginner “article: “How to Clear Your Browser Cache in All Major Browsers“.

Here are the steps to change your profile information:

  • Login to the website.
  • Click on your name (in blue) in the upper left side of the home page.
  • If it isn’t already there, click on Profile.
  • Then click Edit.  It looks like it is greyed out, but it is not.
  • Make any desired changes.
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

If instead you would like help, please email the ">Webmaster.

We’re very happy to answer any questions!  Please click here to email us?

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