These guidelines will help you plan and lead a safe trip [hike, paddle, cycle, ski, etc.].  Use this as a checklist to help you remember what you need to do.  Refer to the WTC Handbook for details.


• Obtain maps and trail guides as required.
• Scout route, parking, and optional lunch/dinner stop.
• Decide on car pooling and/or shuttle strategy.
• Ask permission from landowners if necessary.
• Write description for WTC Bulletin & send to appropriate trip coordinator via email.
• Make sure you have a printed copy of the appropriate release (sign-in) sheet ( H/S | P | C ).
• For longer and overnight hikes:
o Make copies of trail map.
o Pack whistle, flashlight, first-aid kit, and cell phone, and consider taking extra water for the unprepared.

At the Meeting Place

• Make sure everyone has the proper gear. Assess their ability to complete the hike.
• Have everyone read and sign the Sign In sheet (Liability Release).
• If you have approved a dog, make sure it is leashed.
• If shuttle is involved:
o Give drivers written directions to trailhead.
o Help organize car pools



LCM- 10/93, rev. 3/30/09, LY 07/31/2012, WMH 07/30/2015, 08/22/2017

At the Trailhead

• Make sure all cars have arrived.
• CIRCLE UP at the appointed time:
• Describe the hike, especially any special features or terrain.
• Confirm that everyone has a parking permit (if required).
• Ask for announcements.
• Assign a sweep if necessary.
• Lead introductions (everyone in the circle gives their name).
• Remind everyone to follow the leader and to hike safely.
• Ask drivers not to leave until you release them.

During the Hike

• Set a reasonable pace.
• Have people breaks and water breaks as needed.
• Be aware of how group is doing. Slow down if necessary.
• Keep group together, especially at intersections; split up the group if a large speed difference exists.

At Trail’s End

• Make sure everyone has arrived.
• Agree on mileage.
• If there was a shuttle, have someone drive the drivers back to their cars.
• If appropriate, remind drivers of dinner stop and release them.

Reporting the Trip

• Complete and send Liability Release as directed at the bottom of the release.
• Report any injuries using the Incident Report (on website, see above) or problems to the hiking chairperson.

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