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3/29/2017 2:15 PM


Paddle Board Minutes 8 March 2017

Paul Nicholson – Chair
Kate Butoryak – Co-Chair
Jim Costello – WW Lead Instructor
Tim Schafstall – WTC member
Matt Himmelstein – Safety and Insurance Coordinator
Karen Himmelstein –Whitewater Training Coordinator
Bob Strahorn - Pool Safety Session Coordinator
Aram Terzian – Publicity
Connie Love - Pool Session Coordinator
Sharron Laas  - White Water New Member Service
Kathy Nicholson - WTC member
Shannon Cope – White Water Trip Coordinator

Pool Sessions -

Connie – Upon arrival at the 5 March pool session, Connie discovered that all the WTC equipment had been moved outside and was unsecured.  After discussion with YMCA administrative staff, the equipment was moved into a shed. 


New website –

Bill – The contract is in place and the contractors are working on the membership section of the website.  There is no currently no time frame for completion of the website.  Please let Bill know if there is anything you need to put on the current training website.  If you want to post a trip, post on the forum and the FB page for now. 


WW Trips-

Shannon – Shannon needs a volunteer to coordinate the Memorial and Labor Day trips.  Shannon will reserve the campsite and purchase permits. The coordinator will assign the permits, determine who is going, split folks into groups, and arrange the shuttle.  Please contact Shannon if you are willing be a coordinator.  Shannon may do Memorial Day but cannot do Labor Day. 


Open House-

Laura -  We have some fresh changes this year for open house:

New presentation done by Michael Bradley.  Thank you Michael Bradley.

We will have one presenter, Susan Love, for both Recreational and Whitewater portions of the presentation, which will combine both areas of paddling in to a cohesive, upbeat and informative presentation. 

Stations will be set up for new prospective members to explore before the presentation.  As always, we will have a sampling of kayaks.  This year we will also have a gear table, training information table, and membership table.  We will be able to renew membership at Open House!  Bring check books.  We will have videos (thank you Steve Cope!) 

We will have a meet and greet group to help engage new prospective members with existing members and the "stations". 

The WTC Paddler's group is supplying beverages this year.  We still need existing members to bring delicious eats! 

Set up help will be needed at the center at 6:15 PM.

Please contact Laura Ventura, to volunteer for the evening.  



Aram - Posters and trifolds for open house and training are ready.  Please post the electronic versions on social media.  Place posters in suitable locations.

Tim and Kate will set up a table at REI on 11 March to generate interest in open house and recruit for the upcoming WW and Rec training.  Contact Tim or Kate if you would like to help with future recruiting efforts.


White Water Equipment Proposal- Tim Schafstall channeling Dave Sibley.

The ad hoc committee on boat purchases for the whitewater training held a meeting at Kevin Frankosky’s to discuss the current status of the available boats.  Tim reported on the results of the committee meeting and presented a proposal for additional boat purchases to the board.

Committee findings:
1) We currently have 7 usable teaching boats.
2) The current boats are aging.
3) The current equipment is not adequate to address needs.  14 persons rented gear from private individuals, 5 from the club for 2016 WW training indicating an insufficient number of suitable club boats.
4) We need at least 15 usable teaching boats.
5) Used boats are available at reasonable prices, but the club must be able to act quickly to purchase these boats before they are sold to someone else.
6) The committee developed a list of desirable boats to use for the WW training.
7) Income from 2016 WW training was $434.

 Based on the results of the meeting, the ad hoc committee presented the following proposals to the board:
1)   The Committee designate certain members familiar with good teaching boats to be allowed to purchase boats under the designated price w/o confirmation from the BOD.  
2)   Based on recent trends and prices for good used boats, the maximum price per boat allowed should be $550.
3)   The committee be allowed buy up to 5 boats or to spend up to $2,750 for used boats and related equipment for CY 2017 (note $850 has been spent on three boats thus far).
4)   Any funds remaining from the allotted amount can be used for boat or related equipment purchases in CY 2018.

The board approved the proposal with the following change:  up to $3,000 could be used for boat purchases with no maximum number of boats.  $850 of this has been spent, leaving a total of $2150 remaining for additional boat purchases. 

Huge thanks to Kevin for allowing us to make him be our equipment manager.  Buy that guy a beverage whenever you can.


Fund Raising

Connie suggested we register the WTC Paddlers with Amazon Smile to raise funds.  Other fundraising ideas will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Paul will discuss obtaining funds from the general treasury at the next WTC board meeting.



Bylaws were discussed.  Although there are general bylaws for the WTC, there are no known bylaws specific to the paddlers section.  There is no place to document decisions on which the board has voted, and there are areas in which a formal policy is lacking.  The board agreed to contemplate items for entry into the bylaws over the summer and begin work on the bylaws this fall.

HomeHomePaddlingPaddlingPaddling Board ...Paddling Board ...Paddle Board Minutes 8 March 2017Paddle Board Minutes 8 March 2017